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may 17 weekly menu | spring table

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asparagus, chard, chives, collard greens, leeks, mushrooms, radishes, kale, spinach, thyme

What’s for Dinner?

This week’s menus are a tribute to Michael Pollan, author and foodie extraordinaire.  Lest you immediately jump to thoughts of “Enough Michael Pollan!”, his new book explores some fascinating, unchartered territory related to the world of cooking.  Powell’s and OPB brilliantly put Pollan on stage with Dave Miller (Think Out Loud); what ensued was an entertaining interview and conversation highlighting the themes of Cooked, A Natural History of TransformationThe ideas and explorations meander broadly through time, place, cultures, and food preparation methods.  What emerges as crystal clear is that cooking in our own home kitchens, with ingredients we have actively and mindfully selected, is a highly powerful individual act.  It takes giant steps toward rendering the American food system healthier and more sustainable; it vastly improves our own personal health and well-being; and it creates and strengthens connections with people.  Really, just by cooking dinner?  Yes!  Let’s do it…Michael Pollan style.  Each day represents a small sampling of one of his oh-so simple and logical “food rules” – I look at them more as really helpful guidelines in this world of overwhelming food choices and messaging.  All fall under the broad umbrella of possibly his most famous seven words:  “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”  Got that covered!

Friday – “eat your colors” + “eat all the junk food you want” 

leek, chard, & corn flatbread (Deb Perlman, Smitten Kitchen)

rhubarb sauce over ice cream (Portland Farmer’s Market), or
strawberry rhubarb crisp (Mark Bittman, The New York Times)

Saturday – “have a glass of wine with dinner”

warm vegetable salad with brown butter dressing (Gabriel Rucker)
sauteed butter-thyme mushrooms (Cooking Light)
roast chicken with thyme (Thomas Keller, Bouchon)

Apolloni 2009  chardonnay, or
Apolloni 2010 pinot noir

Sunday – “eat mostly plants, especially leaves”

braised greens tacos (Serious Eats, Rick Bayless)
radish salsa (Mark Bittman)
mexican beans

Monday – “dinner like a pauper”

collard green and white bean gratin (Serious Eats)

Tuesday – “treat meat as a flavoring”

vegetable and beef lo mein (Cook’s Illustrated, The Best 30-Minute Recipe)

Wednesday – “eat more like the spanish”

spinach and chickpeas (Deb Perlman, Smitten Kitchen)
salted toasty bread

Thursday –  “eat what stands on one leg” 

asparagus risotto (Alice Waters, The Art of Simple Food)
grilled halibut

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