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april 24 weekly menu | spring table

Farm Fresh

asparagus, green garlic, lettuce, mushrooms, mustard greens, green onions, radishes, spinach

What’s for Dinner?

Many absolutely love the flexibility of Hood River Organic CSA.  Not only can you pick and choose the seasonal veggies (and so much more!) that pique your interest each week, you can place a hold on any given scheduled delivery, the credit simply carried forward to a future box. I like to simplify, and “take what I get” – what the farm has pre-selected for delivery each week. It’s part of the fun for me…what will I get? What will I do with it? (More importantly, it’s one less thing I have to think about!) And I really never take a hold, but consider it part of the challenge to get that whole darned box into our dinners before the next round arrives on my doorstep. BUT, I’m trying something new this week. Based on my crisper status (uncharacteristically bulging before my new week’s delivery!) and my personal vacation status (ON…Mom’s taking a little kitchen leave in honor of long girls’ weekend), I’m using a veggie “hold”. This presented a new and fabulous task for me…to utilize both this week’s chock-full delivery, as well as lots of bits and pieces I had hanging around from last, to assemble fourteen days’ worth of dinner! I pondered and puzzled, never wanting to waste, but not wanting anyone to go hungry either. The kitchen will be my friend this week, as I prepare for the normal dinner hour, as well as one “make-ahead” meal each day. These will come in more than handy for the troops left at home next week, as well in easing my transition back to chef-in-charge status. Happy cooking!

Friday – spring pizza & make-ahead kick-off

spinach, green garlic, & scallion pizza (Deb Perleman, Smitten Kitchen)

Make-Ahead-Meal #1

curried lentil stew with spinach (Gourmet)

Saturday – hooray, harissa!

pastaworks farro salad (Pastaworks)

Make-Ahead-Meal #2

pasta with walnut sauce & greens (Martha Shulman, NYT)

Sunday – grill fest

grilled asparagus (Serious Eats)
grilled steak & arugula (Epicurious)
grilled bread (Bon Appetit)

Make-Ahead-Meal #3

mama leone’s chicken soup  (Elephant’s Deli)

Monday – farm fresh frittata 

green garlic & spinach frittata (Katherine Deumling, SIO Blog)

Make-Ahead-Meal #4

cream of asparagus soup (Gourmet)

crab and shrimp cakes

Tuesday –  practice makes perfect

crispy beef tacos (Cook’s Illustrated)
radish salsa (Mark Bittman)

Make-Ahead-Meal #5

spinach enchiladas (Sunset)

Wednesday – in-the-meantime berries

wheat berry salad with mustard greens (Anthony Cafiero, The Oregonian)
roasted chicken

Make-Ahead-Meal #6

green garlic pesto (Mariquita Farm)

Thursday – sammie night

mustard greens & mushroom panini (Martha Shulman, NYT)
crunchy radishes

Make-Ahead-Meal #7

strawberry spinach salad (Whole Foods Market)
burgers & fixings

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