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may 31 weekly menu | spring table

Farm Fresh

arugula, bok choy, gourmet greens, green garlic, lettuce, kale, radishes 

What’s for Dinner?

Holey Moley!  I am not easily impressed (overwhelmed) by veggie volume, but my pick-up this week definitely inspired a nervous chuckle.  My “summer CSA”, Sauvie Island Organics (SIO), launched its season this week.  Maybe my eyes got wide because it’s been awhile since I personally physically loaded the weekly bounty into my take home bags (my “winter CSA” provided a box direct to my doorstep.)  And even though I received an email ahead of time, detailing each of the farm fresh items I was to receive, it really wasn’t until I lay my own eyes on the giant box of produce that was to become my family’s dinners, and touched it all with my own two hands, did it come full force.  I loved listening to a fellow customer, who’d come to pick up her very first CSA share ever.  She was oohing, and aahing, making noises between pure delight and sheer bewilderment.  I struck up a conversation with her, assuring her that she’d surely end up loving this CSA relationship on which she was embarking.  She smiled brightly and said, “Look at all these veggies I’m going to figure out what to do with!  My mother would be so proud!”  I agree.

Friday – TV trays, movie, & pizza

pizza with green garlic & arugula (Martha Rose Shulman, NYT)
gourmet greens & radish salad (Martha Stewart)

Saturday – bok choy with a twist

mediterranean bok choy (Mark Bittman, How to Cook Everything)
grilled sockeye salmon
grilled bread (Bon Appetit)

Ruby Jewell ice cream sandwiches

Sunday – spring kale bake

chicken and kale casserole (Martha Stewart)
spring salad (Katherine Deumling, SIO Blog)

rhubarb snacking cake (Deb Perlman, Smiten Kitchen)

Monday – al fresco trattoria

grilled steak with arugula (Gourmet)

Tuesday – 7 minute savory

baked kale, tomatoes, & egg (Katherine Deumling, SIO Blog)
crusty bakery bread

Wednesday – sandwiches & chips (2 ways)

egg salad with radishes & arugula (Katherine Deumling, SIO Blog)
kale chips (Food Network)
“real” chips

Thursday –  oh joi!

joi choi, radish, and broccoli stir-fry (Asparagus to Zucchini, SIO Blog)

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