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June 28 weekly menu | summer table

Farm Fresh

bok choy, gourmet greens, lettuce, cabbage, parsley, radishes, green onions, spinach

What’s for Dinner?

Now this looks like the real deal…summer, along with the weather we dream about, is officially here.  Sauvie Island Organics has provided a table-ful, to be sure!  And I can’t wait to dive into this bounty, especially after a recent trip to Seattle.  Not only did I eat to my heart’s (and belly’s) content at a number of foodie destinations, but I garnered ideas to bring home to my own table.  It’s a rare occasion that I don’t push, shove, and modify to get what my farm delivers into something I’ve enjoyed immensely, maybe in a little bit different manner.  This week, a nod to Tom Douglas and the restaurant empire he’s created in Seattle.  Watch out veggies…Serious Pie, and Serious Biscuit are headed your way.  

Friday – grilled pizza fest, serious pie style

mixed greens with radishes and muscatel vinaigrette
clams, pancetta, green onion & chili pizza

Saturday – seriously… biscuits for dinner?

ham, egg, beecher’s cheddar, green onion biscuits (Tom Douglas, The Splendid Table)
simple spinach salad

Sunday –  chimichurri, hold the beef

spring salad (Katherine Deumling, SIO Blog Wk. 1 2013)
grilled halibut w/ chimichurri sauce (Gourmet)
grilled bread (Bon Appetit)

Monday – zesty slaw 

tequila lime chicken + green onion slaw (Deb Perelman, Smitten Kitchen)

Tuesday – two minute stir-fry

stir fried bok choy (Martha Rose Schulman, NYT)
korean bbq beef short ribs

Wednesday –  diva pita pockets

romaine, radish, & tahini salad (Gourmet)

Thursday –  potpourri fried rice

bok choy fried rice (Katherine Deumling, SIO Blog Wk. 5 2013)

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