about uft

  • Do you relish in the notion of healthy, home-cooked meals, but maybe are not so good at the planning part?
  • Are you bored with the same old go-to meals, and in search of inspiration to expand your universe of ingredients?
  • Do you support the concept of “eating local,” but lack the time or energy to translate that into dinner?
  • Have you wondered what all this CSA talk is about, and what you’d possibly do with so many vegetables?
  • Do you belong to a CSA, and more often than you’d like, see veggies go straight to the compost bin?

I offer detailed weekly menus, along with simple, delicious recipes highlighting vegetables from the Pacific Northwest.

You do not have to belong to my same CSA, or any CSA.   Anyone can seek out what is local and seasonal—from the convenience of your own neighborhood grocery store, from a weekly trip to the year-round farmers market, or like me, from an established relationship with a farm through their CSA program.

People are in search of flavor.  The very tastiest food you will find is from organic, sustainable farmers in your own backyard.  I love that Alice Waters begins with this premise, and refers to the locavore movement as the “Delicious Revolution”.  The bonus is that it is also right for our earth, right for our farmers, and right for our bodies.

I’m on board with this Delicious Revolution.  Who doesn’t want to be part of that?!?  Let my Urban Farm Table weekly menus, along with the verdant bounty of our own local farmers,  be your guide.

Pull up a chair!


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