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april 12 weekly menu | spring table

Farm Fresh

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What’s for Dinner?

Well, there’s something new and red to hollar about…radishes!  If you see them at the market, they could be in lots of gorgeous shades of white, purple, or pink as well.  There are so many possibilities for this first-of-the-season peek at the radish.  Crunchy, peppery, and really perfect with nothing more than a sprinkle of sea salt.  Use them in their raw state for a bit of sass and zing –  salads, sandwiches, on a crudite platter; for a mellower flavor, simply roast or stir-fry.  And don’t forget the radish greens…nutritious, delicious, and farmers market  green, full, and fresh.  Enjoy the continued sneak peek into spring!

Friday –  TV trays, movie, & homemade pizza

double radish salad (Portland Farmers Market)
pizza with fennel sausage, braising greens and rosemary

Saturday – south-of-the-border veggie fest

strawberry mojitos (The Berry Bible)

rustic jicama and radish salad with red chili and lime (Rick Bayless)
roasted beet salad with red onion, poblano, & lime (Rick Bayless)
quesadillas with leeks, kale, mushrooms, and poblano cream sauce (Dona Tomas)

Sunday – farm fresh biscuits

roast chicken with kale raab, potatoes, & garlic parsley jus (Bon Appetit)
chive biscuits (Ina Garten, Barefoot Contessa Family Style)

Monday – worth every stir

spring leek risotto (Deborah Madison, Local Flavors)
microgreen salad (The Crankin’ Kitchen)

Tuesday – collard greens, for the hal-ib-ut

collard greens miniera (Gourmet)
simple baked halibut

Wednesday –  more bacon (if you please)

white cheddar polenta with braised greens, spring mushrooms, & pancetta (SIO Blog, Emily Thomson)

Thursday – honey & harissa, yes please!

honey and harissa farro salad (Deb Perlman, The Smitten Kitchen)

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