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August 23 weekly menu | summer table

Farm Fresh

basil, beets, celery, corn, cucumbers, eggplant, gourmet greens, lettuce, onions, zucchini

What’s for Dinner?

My entire kitchen smelled like the freshest basil ever as I unloaded my CSA box.  For as long as I can remember, my kids have sat on the counter and helped with all sorts of baking projects…cookies, pies, cakes, muffins, etc. For about that long, my little boy has sat on that same counter, whipping up batches of homemade pesto, knowing the ingredients and amounts by heart, and loving to be in charge of the food processor. And if I’m not using it right away (which is really the most tempting and best way!) I’ll throw it in a quart-sizbag bag and into the freezer.  So many uses…as a sandwich spread, an appetizer with crostini or veggies, on top of eggs, and of course mixed in a zillion pasta dishes.  So, this week we’ll make that batch of pesto. And have so much fresh basil left, it’ll be used nearly each night with all of these other farm beauties. Enjoy!

Friday – grilled pizza fest

summer squash & red onion pizza (Cooking Light)
gourmet greens salad

Saturday – chocolate & zucchini via chocolate & zucchini

tomato and basil pasta (The New Basics)
grilled zucchini (Cooking Light)
chicken with goat cheese & basil (Ina Garten, Barefoot Contessa at Home)

chocolate & zucchini cake (Chocolate and Zucchini)

Sunday –  frenchie feast in a flash

zucchini bread (Cooking Light)
green smoothies (Ashley Paquin, White Bird Wellness)

celery & roquefort salad (Bon Jour Paris)
beet salad & goat cheese (Serious Eats)
grilled salmon with buerre blanc (Martha Stewart)

Monday – sammies + salad

chicken salad sandwiches (The Ellen Jackson Collection)
lettuce, basil, & cucumber salad (Jason French, Ned Ludd)

Tuesday – thai minus the take-out

thai green curry with eggplant & basil (Katherine Deumling, SIO Blog, Wk. 13 2013)
jasmine rice

Wednesday –  zucchini again? you bet!

israeli salad + pitas  (Deb Perleman, Smitten Kitchen)
zucchini fritters (Deb Perleman, Smitten Kitchen)

Thursday –  off to the market

grilled corn (Serious Eats)
chopped salad (Epicurious)
grilled tomato, corn, & basil sausages

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